Diet Plans for Calorie Control - The Healthy and Delicious Way

As a 24-year-old guy who doesn’t know how to cook “real food” and who works at night, really needs full attention and proper maintenance of calorie diet. I’ve been eating the same food for weeks and might not even get the right nutrients and proper calorie count that my body needs.

That made me try diet delivery service and calorie count program. There are a lot of programs offering this kind of service in the metro, but Yummy Diet stands out--- being of the trusted and offers surprising menu. I ordered their 1500 Calorie program for Php2000. Original price is Php2200 but since they’re celebrating their two years of service, they giving away Php200 OFF on all their programs.

Let me share my five days experience of Yummy Diet’s menu.

Day 1

Yummy Diet has set their standards high on my first day. Having these choco-chip banana wheat pancakes with honey and black coffee was a happy meal for breakfast. I enjoyed the chewiness of the pancakes and how sweet the syrup was.

I couldn’t believe I enjoyed eating peppers and onions. Lunch was served with roasted chicken tenders with those veggies and red rice. I ate the apple which should be for a snack. Eek~

Fish fillet with rosemary and thyme and steamed rice was dinner’s menu. I loved how the citrus taste blends with the fragrant smell of rosemary. This first day made me feel excited for the coming days.

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Day 2

The second day was different. I had a mushroom, pepper feta frittata with bread for breakfast. The moment I opened the container, I thought it was part lasagna, part omelet. Not so fetch, but it was new to my eyes.

Kintsay and tofu stir-fry pork and bell peppers, and steamed red rice were 2nd day’s lunch. Okay, to be honest, I more enjoyed it with extra rice. Gee!

Describe real good aroma. I don’t know what it smelled like but it smelled like roasted nuts or green beans. The chicken breast was so tasty I kinda wished for more.

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Day 3

This was my first time to eat black rice. Looking at it, you would think that it was burnt rice. This was my breakfast together with Healthy Picadillo.

YDK's Signature Thai Green Curry was tasty. You would get that unique taste that Yummy Diet has.

Malunggay Spaghetti w/ Carrot Meat for dinner was something. I can still feel I had enough consumption from my breakfast and lunch, and this dinner meal was huge. I loved the taste of the carrot meat, jsyk.

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Day 4

Peppers has been part of my meal since day 1. So having this YD's Homemade Pizza Toast with peppers wasn't bad at all. The thing that I might not enjoy it was because I have to refrigerate it since meal every day was delivered around 2PM-3PM and I go to work at night 11PM-8AM. It may have been tasted  better if I have eaten it when it came to the house.

There's nothing special about lunch on my fourth day. Beef Mechado and Red Rice seemed ordinary and tasted fine.

I could say the fourth day wasn't special. Stir-Fired Shiitake Mushrooms w/ Tofu & Bok Choy plus Rice was different for my taste buds, but I didn't feel special.

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Day 5

I would say day five breakfast was the best breakfast I had with my first week with Yummy Diet. I craved for more Ham & Egg Muffins after munching those three balls. Eek!

I had Lemon Chicken Stir-Fry plus Red Rice for lunch. I have this theory that YD is good at making dishes with lemons. This was really good.

Dinner had lemon as well. I had Pan-Seared Garlic Fish w/ Lemon & Butter Sauce plus Blanced French Beans. Again, a really good meal.

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  • You need not to worry on your daily menu.
  • You'll surely get counted calorie per day if you're maintaining your weight, or you need to gain or loose weight.
  • YD has friendly customer service. You can request for a call when the rider or the delivery guy is already outside your house.


  • Since I work at night, I have to opt to Day Before Delivery where they'll deliver your daily meals on Sundays-Thursday 2PM-9PM. Meaning I have to refrigerate my meals and reheat them before consumption.

If you like to try this kind of service, you can visit their Facebook page and Instagram account. Or may send them an email at